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Why Shin never got those mod powers again. - -why private lives should never made public-
[don't smoke kiddies:it's bad for your voice]
ways to get around
February 2007

キミツ posting in jpop.on.internet.crack
User: fangirlcrack (posted by ketsune)
Date: 2007-02-11 11:49
Subject: Why Shin never got those mod powers again.
Security: Public
Music:AAA: みんなスター!
Tags:aaa, crack attack!, irc chat
Kimitsu: @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp]
Nishijima Takahiro: NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp]
Uno Misako: misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp]
Atae Shinjiro: kakko1 [shinjiro@ip9014.avexnet.jp]
Sueyoshi Shuuta: @saikyouboy [shuuta@ip9016.avexnet.or.jp]

Chat #09: 2007/02/09 18:31:31

[18:31] *** Fri Feb 09 2007 - LOGGING START ***
[18:31] *** Now talking in #crackattack
[18:31] *** Topic is -= i rool u all! =-
[18:31] *** Set by @kakko1 on Thu Feb 08 12:27 2007

DCC Chat Session
Client: @kimikoto
Acknowledging Chat Request...
[18:31] <@kimikoto> This is not my fault.
[18:31] <@kimikoto> It was only supposed to be for a day.
[18:31] <@kimikoto> He was not supposed to go power-hungry.
[18:31] <@saikyouboy> Would you like to tell him that now?
[18:31] <@kimikoto> Hell no.

DCC Session Closed

[18:31] *** NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[18:31] <NIshi~> wtf >O
[18:32] *** NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp] has been kicked off channel #crackattack by @kakko1
[18:32] <@saikyouboy> Doesn't that get boring after a while, Shin?
[18:32] <@kimikoto> Yeah, you want to stop?
[18:32] *** NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[18:32] <NIshi~> shin! XO
[18:32] *** NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp] has been kicked off channel #crackattack by @kakko1
[18:32] <@saikyouboy> Like sometime before we have to remove those mod powers?
[18:32] <misa_misa> Nissy's gonna be really pissed.
[18:32] <@kakko1> neva!
[18:32] *** NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[18:33] <NIshi~> i swear, next rehearsal... >P
[18:33] *** NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp] has been kicked off channel #crackattack by @kakko1
[18:33] <@saikyouboy> I think he already is.
[18:33] <@kimikoto> ...time to stop playing, Shin.
[18:34] *** @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp] has been kicked off channel #crackattack by @kakko1
[18:34] <misa_misa> ......
[18:32] *** NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[18:34] <misa_misa> OMG, you did not just do that.
[18:34] <NIshi~> if "that" means kicking me off 18 times in a row... XP
[18:34] <NIshi~> then yes, YES HE DID. >O
[18:34] <misa_misa> You counted?
[18:34] <@kakko1> i gotta new target now
[18:34] <@saikyouboy> He just kicked off Kimi.
[18:34] <NIshi~> .... 8O
[18:34] *** @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp] has joined #crackattack
[18:34] *** @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp] has been kicked off channel #crackattack by @kakko1
[18:35] <misa_misa> Was that supposed to do anything?
[18:35] <@saikyouboy> No, I don't think so.
[18:34] *** @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp] has joined #crackattack
[18:35] <NIshi~> you know, it's kind of funny when it's not happening to me :D
[18:35] <@kimikoto> ...I can read that, you know.
[18:35] <NIshi~> ...oops. :O
[18:35] *** @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp] has been kicked off channel #crackattack by @kakko1
[18:35] <misa_misa> Shouldn't you step in, Shuuta?
[18:35] <@saikyouboy> And suffer it myself?
[18:35] <@saikyouboy> No thanks.
[18:35] *** @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp] has joined #crackattack
[18:35] * @kimikoto sets mode -o kakko1
[18:36] <@kimikoto> HAH. I WIN.
[18:36] <misa_misa> Awww, there goes all the pretty blue lines.
[18:36] <kakko1> nethin i can say 2 make u think it wuz just a huge mistake?
[18:36] <@kimikoto> Let me quote you on that.
[18:36] <@kimikoto> "neva!"
[18:36] <kakko1> ...damn.
[18:36] *** kakko1 [shinjiro@ip9014.avexnet.or.jp] has left #crackattack (i think ill go in2 hidin 4 a while)
[18:36] <NIshi~> he can't hide from me! i know where he lives! >D
[18:36] <@saikyouboy> I think we should count ourselves lucky he didn't learn how to ban.
[18:36] <misa_misa> Oooh, I'll go look that up right now!
[18:36] <@saikyouboy> Yeah, you're never getting mod powers either.
[18:36] *** Disconnected
[18:36] *** Fri Feb 09 2007 - LOGGING END ***
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