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The Aftermath. - -why private lives should never made public-
[don't smoke kiddies:it's bad for your voice]
ways to get around
February 2007

キミツ posting in jpop.on.internet.crack
User: fangirlcrack (posted by ketsune)
Date: 2007-02-08 15:25
Subject: The Aftermath.
Security: Public
Music:AAA: Feel Like dance
Tags:aaa, crack attack!, irc chat
Nishijima Takahiro: NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp]
Urata Naoya: souleader [naoya@ip9011.avexnet.or.jp]
Uno Misako: misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp]
Hidaka Mitsuhiro: SUPAAFOO' [mitsuhiro@ip9013.avexnet.or.jp]
Atae Shinjiro: kakko1 [shinjiro@ip9014.avexnet.jp]
Gotou Yukari: YUKKI^go [yukari@ip9015.avexnet.or.jp]
Itou Chiaki: --chaki-- [chiaki@ip9017.avexnet.or.jp]

Chat #07: 2007/02/05 23:19:23

[23:19] *** Mon Feb 05 2007 - LOGGING START ***
[23:19] *** Now talking in #crackattack
[23:19] *** Topic is -= 4th Attack, WTF's with the Ass? =-
[23:19] *** Set by @saikyouboy on Sun Feb 04 20:50 2007

[23:19] <NIshi~> anyone know why shuuta's mad at me? D:
[23:19] <kakko1> n mi?
[23:19] <YUKKI^go> hes mad at all of us actually
[23:19] <--chaki--> but mostly hidakakun.
[23:19] <SUPAAFOO'> im sorry, k? i wuznt thinkin straight!
[23:19] <souleader> More like not thinking at all.
[23:19] <SUPAAFOO'> sides, i got slapped by uno
[23:19] <souleader> Now that was funny.
[23:19] <kakko1> wut does hidaka askng misako bout sex have 2 do wif us?
[23:20] <NIshi~> actually, she asked me to explain D:
[23:20] <NIshi~> and i got slapped too XP
[23:20] <--chaki--> that's because you asked her to help you get laid
[23:20] <kakko1> realli?
[23:20] <NIshi~> it's not like i asked her to be the one who gets me laid! >P
[23:20] <souleader> Yo, no inter-group relationships dammit!
[23:20] <YUKKI^go> i think hidakas stupid is rubbing off onto nissy
[23:20] <souleader> Not without Ura-jiichan's permission!
[23:20] <kakko1> rofl
[23:20] <YUKKI^go> O_o
[23:20] <--chaki--> !!!
[23:20] <SUPAAFOO'> ...
[23:20] <NIshi~> 8O
[23:21] <SUPAAFOO'> did he really juz call himself 'jiichan'?
[23:21] <YUKKI^go> ...yes
[23:21] <SUPAAFOO'> .....wtf.
[23:21] <souleader> Shuddup. None of you kids better be dating anyone until you're 40.
[23:21] <YUKKI^go> no fair im only 19
[23:21] <kakko1> im just 18!
[23:21] <NIshi~> and deprive the world of me? :P
[23:21] <--chaki--> nissy, you really should get off that "me" kick
[23:21] *** misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[23:21] <NIshi~> when dakkun stops being ghetto ;)
[23:21] <SUPAAFOO'> NEVAR!
[23:21] *** misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp] has left #crackattack (...)
[23:22] <--chaki--> i think we just scared misakochan off for good
[23:22] <kakko1> oops?
[23:22] *** Disconnected
[23:22] *** Mon Feb 05 2007 - LOGGING END ***
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