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Where's your dignity, Urata? - -why private lives should never made public-
[don't smoke kiddies:it's bad for your voice]
ways to get around
February 2007

キミツ posting in jpop.on.internet.crack
User: fangirlcrack (posted by ketsune)
Date: 2007-02-07 15:40
Subject: Where's your dignity, Urata?
Security: Public
Music:堂本光一: + MILLION but - LOVE
Tags:aaa, crack attack!, irc chat
Kimitsu: @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp]
Nishijima Takahiro: NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp]
Urata Naoya: souleader [naoya@ip9011.avexnet.or.jp]
Uno Misako: misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp]
Hidaka Mitsuhiro: SUPAAFOO' [mitsuhiro@ip9013.avexnet.or.jp]
Atae Shinjiro: kakko1 [shinjiro@ip9014.avexnet.jp]
Gotou Yukari: YUKKI^go [yukari@ip9015.avexnet.or.jp]
Sueyoshi Shuuta: @saikyouboy [shuuta@ip9016.avexnet.or.jp]
Itou Chiaki: --chaki-- [chiaki@ip9017.avexnet.or.jp]

Chat #06: 2007/02/05 04:16:22

[04:16] *** Mon Feb 05 2007 - LOGGING START ***
[04:16] *** Now talking in #crackattack
[04:16] *** Topic is -= 4th Attack, WTF's with the Ass? =-
[04:16] *** Set by @saikyouboy on Sun Feb 04 20:50 2007

[04:16] <@kimikoto> I still can't believe you guys have been such idiots.
[04:16] <@kimikoto> It's almost 4:30AM over there, and you've been arguing ALL night about whether Johnny's Entertainment or Girl's Box is better?
[04:17] <@kimikoto> I'm ashamed of you, Uratan. I thought you knew better.
[04:17] <NIshi~> and wasn't a pedophile. 8D
[04:17] <@kimikoto> And Hidaka - were you off visiting your old JE friends again?
[04:17] <souleader> Does this mean you won't glomp me anymore?
[04:17] * souleader gets down on his knees to beg
[04:17] <SUPAAFOO'> if "visiting" meanz skoolin em in the art of ghetto
[04:18] <@kimikoto> I like the begging. <3
[04:17] <NIshi~> you forgot the part about insulting my butt, kimi :O
[04:18] <@kimikoto> .............
[04:18] <souleader> ...when was this?
[04:18] <SUPAAFOO'> srsly nizzy, enuf about your ass. so not kool.
[04:18] <@kimikoto> Riiiiiiiight. So we're all gathered here for an intervention.
[04:18] <--chaki--> nissy you liar!
[04:18] <misa_misa> I don't know you people anymore.
[04:18] <kakko1> dats not fair y do i alwais miss da gud part?
[04:18] <@saikyouboy> Whatever. Just stop the burning. Please.
[04:18] <misa_misa> Especially Hidaka.
[04:18] <YUKKI^go> we wouldnt have this problem if youd let me get that muzzle for hidaka!!
[04:18] <misa_misa> MY LIFE IS A LIE.
[04:19] <@kimikoto> ...
[04:19] <@kimikoto> What is this, Emo Entertainers E-nonymous?
[04:19] <souleader> Not until Hidaka admits that SweetS had the potential to be hot.
[04:19] <SUPAAFOO'> pssh, my broz in kat-tun got more back AND rack than dat!
[04:19] <YUKKI^go> hidaka knows kattun?
[04:19] <kakko1> sweets!?
[04:19] <--chaki--> kat-tun has manboobs?
[04:19] <@saikyouboy> URATA, YOU'RE *#%^&$ING 24.
[04:19] <YUKKI^go> get me kames autograph and ill forgive you for everything
[04:19] <NIshi~> let's just all agree that i top them all! :3
[04:20] <kakko1> face it nissy im cuter than u
[04:20] <misa_misa> Ew, NO. To all of you.
[04:20] <misa_misa> Why am I here again anyways?
[20:52] *** misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp] has left #crackattack (I will never look at you guys the same again.)
[04:20] <--chaki--> no, but seriously. who in kat-tun has manboobs?
[04:20] <YUKKI^go> NO ONE!
[04:20] <--chaki--> it's yamashita of news who's got manboobs, right?
[04:20] <YUKKI^go> kattun are perfect specimens of manliness!
[04:20] <SUPAAFOO'> got it, never introducin you to em
[04:20] * @saikyouboy bursts out laughing
[04:20] <kakko1> omg yukarin is a johnny fangurl?
[04:20] <NIshi~> that's kind of creepy D8
[04:20] <souleader> I think Misako'll probably be glad she missed this.
[04:21] <--chaki--> misakochan's a johnny fangirl too~
[04:21] <@kimikoto> How did we get so off-topic?
[04:21] <NIshi~> because no one wants to admit my butt is totally the cutest! >O
[04:21] <@saikyouboy> We actually have topics?
[04:21] <@kimikoto> ...why do I even bother? (T_T)
[04:21] *** @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp] has left #crackattack (Why is having a decent conversation with you guys so HARD!?)
[04:21] <souleader> Wow, fangirl's gone and I didn't even have to beg for it.
[04:21] <--chaki--> actually, yes you did
[04:21] <souleader> That was for something else!
[04:21] <kakko1> wheres ur dignity, leadr?
[04:21] <NIshi~> gone with the only person who appreciated him here 8D
[04:21] <souleader> Screw you, Nissy.
[04:21] <YUKKI^go> wait whats this uratas gay? i thought it was hidaka
[04:21] <souleader> I like my girls, thank you very much.
[04:21] <@saikyouboy> Urata's going P-I-M-P!
[04:21] <YUKKI^go> so hidakas still the gay guy
[04:21] <souleader> I can spell too, Shuuta. Who wants to D-I-E?
[04:22] <SUPAAFOO'> ...no comment.
[04:22] <NIshi~> omg hidaka you're gay and you never told me? :O
[04:22] <@saikyouboy> Wait, so that time I rode on your back... OMG NO.
[04:22] <SUPAAFOO'> i'm not gay, and wtf are you believin YUKARIN for?
[04:22] <--chaki--> so you're still in the closet?
[04:22] <souleader> Hey, don't take this the wrong way - but I'd rather stay as friends, Hidaka.
[04:22] <SUPAAFOO'> where did THAT come from, pimp boy?
[04:22] <kakko1> hey, im da pimpmasta!
[04:22] <@saikyouboy> So I guess Misako and I are the only ones getting any sleep tonight.
[04:22] <--chaki--> omg you're sleeping with misako?!
[04:22] <NIshi~> why are there people who are not me getting laid? DX
[04:22] <@saikyouboy> ...
[04:23] <YUKKI^go> cuz were hotter than you
[04:23] <souleader> Why did I not know about this?
[04:23] <@saikyouboy> Where the hell did you get "Shuuta is sleeping with Misako" from that?
[04:23] <kakko1> im pimp, of course i get laid!
[04:23] <@saikyouboy> Yeah, I think you guys should go to bed too.
[04:24] <SUPAAFOO'> foo, lemme get sum with misako too!
[04:24] <@saikyouboy> Okay, REALLY. Lack of sleep killing your rational thought.
[04:24] <YUKKI^go> eww, hidaka and misako?
[04:24] <@saikyouboy> Now would be a good time for you all to sign off?
[04:24] <souleader> No, really, why are we having relationships within the group and not telling me?
[04:24] <--chaki--> i'm the gossip girl, i deserve to know more than you do!
[04:24] <@saikyouboy> Hello, bed?
[04:24] <souleader> I'm leader, dammit!
[04:24] <@saikyouboy> Oh, screw it.
[04:24] <@saikyouboy> I'm banning everyone who's still on in 10 seconds!
[04:24] *** SUPAAFOO' [hidaka@ip9013.avexnet.or.jp] has quit IRC
[04:24] *** --chaki-- [chiaki@ip9017.avexnet.or.jp] has quit IRC
[04:24] *** NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp] has quit IRC
[04:24] *** kakko1 [shinjiro@ip9014.avexnet.or.jp] has quit IRC
[04:24] *** souleader [naoya@ip9011.avexnet.or.jp] has quit IRC
[04:24] *** YUKKI^go [yukari@ip9015.avexnet.or.jp] has quit IRC
[04:24] <@saikyouboy> Oh, wow, that was fast.
[04:25] <@saikyouboy> I should really do it more often.
[04:25] *** Disconnected
[04:25] *** Mon Feb 05 2007 - LOGGING END ***
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