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What exactly are they talking about? - -why private lives should never made public-
[don't smoke kiddies:it's bad for your voice]
ways to get around
February 2007

キミツ posting in jpop.on.internet.crack
User: fangirlcrack (posted by ketsune)
Date: 2007-02-06 12:11
Subject: What exactly are they talking about?
Security: Public
Music:宇多田ヒカル: Keep Tryin'
Tags:aaa, crack attack!, irc chat
First in a three-part series!

Nishijima Takahiro: NIshi~ [takahiro@ip9010.avexnet.or.jp]
Urata Naoya: souleader [naoya@ip9011.avexnet.or.jp]
Hidaka Mitsuhiro: SUPAAFOO' [mitsuhiro@ip9013.avexnet.or.jp]
Sueyoshi Shuuta: @saikyouboy [shuuta@ip9016.avexnet.or.jp]
Itou Chiaki: --chaki-- [chiaki@ip9017.avexnet.or.jp]

Chat #05: 2007/02/04 20:46:58

[20:46] *** Sun Feb 04 2007 - LOGGING START ***
[20:46] *** Now talking in #crackattack
[20:46] *** Topic is -= 4th Attack, When's The All? =-
[20:46] *** Set by @saikyouboy on Sun Feb 04 01:59 2007

[20:47] *** --chaki-- [chiaki@ip9017.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[20:47] <NIshi~> chiaki! :o
[20:47] <SUPAAFOO'> watchu talkin bout, williz
[20:47] <NIshi~> help! XO
[20:47] <--chaki--> ...?
[20:47] <souleader> ...My name is Naoya.
[20:47] <--chaki--> hi to you too, nissy~
[20:47] <NIshi~> make them stop!!! DX
[20:47] <souleader> And Gary Coleman you are not.
[20:47] <--chaki--> stop what?
[20:48] <SUPAAFOO'> you still craaaaaaaazy, foo
[20:48] <NIshi~> urata's a pedophile D:
[20:48] <souleader> Shut up, Nissy.
[20:48] <NIshi~> and hidaka's gay XO
[20:48] <SUPAAFOO'> nizzy my man, you too?
[20:48] <--chaki--> what and WHAT?
[20:48] <souleader> Hidaka and I are just having a very advanced conversation.
[20:48] <SUPAAFOO'> advanced, my ass
[20:49] <SUPAAFOO'> jonniez kickz your jailbait ass anyday!
[20:49] <--chaki--> ...why are we talking about butts?
[20:49] <--chaki--> this is your fault, isn't it, nissy?
[20:49] <NIshi~> yes.
[20:49] <NIshi~> no.
[20:49] <NIshi~> wtf why are we turning to me? :P
[20:49] *** @saikyouboy [shuuta@ip9016.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[20:49] <souleader> My "jailbait ass" is so much sweeter than your pretty-boy round one.
[20:49] <@saikyouboy> So.
[20:49] <@saikyouboy> Um.
[20:49] <NIshi~> rofl XD
[20:49] <@saikyouboy> Filing that away in the "totally did not need to know" folder.
[20:50] <--chaki--> hi shuutan~
[20:50] <SUPAAFOO'> your kiddie ass couldnt tell a sweet gangsta from a ho
[20:50] * @saikyouboy changes topic to '4th Attack, WTF's with the Ass?'
[20:50] <--chaki--> nissy was just about to explain why they're talking about butts.
[20:50] <@saikyouboy> That's nice.
[20:50] <@saikyouboy> Didn't need to know.
[20:50] <souleader> That's because your fake "gangsta" Johnny ass is one!
[20:50] <NIshi~> why me!? D<
[20:50] <@saikyouboy> Didn't ever want to know.
[20:50] <@saikyouboy> Goodbye.
[20:50] <SUPAAFOO'> oh no you dint!!!
[20:50] *** @saikyouboy [shuuta@ip9016.avexnet.or.jp] has left #crackattack (Oh dear god MY MENTAL EYE. IT BURNS.)
[20:50] <--chaki--> because somehow i know it's definitely your fault.
[20:51] <souleader> And what if I did?
[20:51] <NIshi~> look, just because i said my butt was prettier than a girl's... :P
[20:51] <--chaki--> ....
[20:51] <--chaki--> misako, okay. me, maaaaaaybe.
[20:51] <SUPAAFOO'> datz it, you goin dooooooown, pedopimp!
[20:51] <--chaki--> but yukarin's is so much nicer than yours.
[20:51] <NIshi~> is not! >O
[20:51] <souleader> You wish you could get me to, Johnny boy!
[20:51] <NIshi~> wait, why are you checking out yukari's butt anyways? 8O
[20:51] <SUPAAFOO'> ......chiaki duz wat!?
[20:51] <souleader> ...Itou?
[20:52] <--chaki--> ....
[20:52] <--chaki--> none of your business!
[20:52] *** --chaki-- [chiaki@ip9017.avexnet.or.jp] has left #crackattack (she's hot, you guys admit it too, dammit!)
[20:52] <NIshi~> so, you guys agree my butt's the best in our group, right? ;D
[20:52] <souleader> As if.
[20:52] <SUPAAFOO'> you craaaaaaaaaazy, nizzy
[20:52] *** Disconnected
[20:52] *** Sun Feb 04 2007 - LOGGING END ***
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