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There's something about Hidaka. - -why private lives should never made public-
[don't smoke kiddies:it's bad for your voice]
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February 2007

キミツ posting in jpop.on.internet.crack
User: fangirlcrack (posted by ketsune)
Date: 2007-02-04 16:00
Subject: There's something about Hidaka.
Security: Public
Music:w-inds.: move your body
Tags:aaa, crack attack!, irc chat
Uno Misako: misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp]
Hidaka Mitsuhiro: SUPAAFOO' [mitsuhiro@ip9013.avexnet.or.jp]
Atae Shinjiro: kakko1 [shinjiro@ip9014.avexnet.jp]
Sueyoshi Shuuta: @saikyouboy [shuuta@ip9016.avexnet.or.jp]

Chat #04: 2007/02/04 02:27:46

[02:27] *** Sun Feb 04 2007 - LOGGING START ***
[02:27] *** Now talking in #crackattack
[02:27] *** Topic is -= 4th Attack, When's The All? =-
[02:27] *** Set by @saikyouboy on Sun Feb 04 01:59 2007

[02:27] <@saikyouboy> I'm just saying, at some point we've gotta switch to ALL for something.
[02:27] *** misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[02:27] <SUPAAFOO'> yeah, but "all" for a concert sounds pretty bad
[02:27] <@saikyouboy> How about the photobook?
[02:27] <@saikyouboy> Hey, Misako.
[02:27] <SUPAAFOO'> what's up, uno?
[02:28] <misa_misa> Hi, guys.
[02:28] <SUPAAFOO'> photobook i can see, but where are we doing it?
[02:28] <misa_misa> OMG HIDAKA.
[02:28] <SUPAAFOO'> er...?
[02:28] <@saikyouboy> New York! Everyone wants to go to New York!
[02:28] <misa_misa> You're typing normally! No ghetto! No "foo"!
[02:28] <SUPAAFOO'> yeah, i do that too.
[02:29] <SUPAAFOO'> the ghetto stuff's just funny.
[02:29] <misa_misa> OMG OMG OMG
[02:29] <SUPAAFOO'> you think matsuura'd shell out the money for 8 of us and crew?
[02:29] <@saikyouboy> Misako, you can stop spazzing.
[02:29] <misa_misa> OMG OMG OMG!!!
[02:29] <SUPAAFOO'> hey hey, i'll go back to ghetto if you want
[02:29] <misa_misa> OMG NO.
[02:30] <@saikyouboy> I'm thinking maybe. He did it for Hamasaki.
[02:30] <SUPAAFOO'> hamasaki's... different.
[02:30] <misa_misa> DON'T GO BACK TO GHETTO.
[02:30] <@saikyouboy> Urata's backdanced for her, maybe we can get him to ask her to ask Matsuura.
[02:30] <SUPAAFOO'> fine, fine, just stop typing in caps, woman!
[02:30] <@saikyouboy> Geez, Misako, I've been talking to him like this for the past hour.
[02:31] <SUPAAFOO'> haha, shove it on the leader
[02:31] <@saikyouboy> Don't ruin it.
[02:31] <misa_misa> Sorry, just... OMG.
[02:31] <@saikyouboy> Yeah, everything's Urata's fault.
[02:32] <misa_misa> So, what's this about New York?
[02:32] <SUPAAFOO'> next photobook
[02:32] <@saikyouboy> We'll call it "ALL the SECOND".
[02:32] <misa_misa> Ooooh, I like.
[02:32] <SUPAAFOO'> cheesy, man, cheesy.
[02:32] <@saikyouboy> 'kay, guys, I'm gonna go to bed now.
[02:32] <SUPAAFOO'> nite, shuuta
[02:32] <misa_misa> Good night~
[02:32] <@saikyouboy> And Misako?
[02:32] <misa_misa> Yes?
[02:33] <@saikyouboy> Stop spazzing.
[02:33] <SUPAAFOO'> lol
[02:33] <misa_misa> Shut up.
[02:33] *** @saikyouboy [shuuta@ip9016.avexnet.or.jp] has quit IRC
[02:34] <SUPAAFOO'> so, ccc
[02:34] <SUPAAFOO'> how about that?
[02:34] <misa_misa> I wish we had more songs to cover.
[02:34] <SUPAAFOO'> yeah, those were seriously fun.
[02:34] <misa_misa> No m.c.A.T, though.
[02:34] <SUPAAFOO'> boo, you suck
[02:35] <SUPAAFOO'> move?
[02:35] <misa_misa> You think you can rap like motsu?
[02:35] <SUPAAFOO'> it's all about style, uno
[02:35] <SUPAAFOO'> besides, can you sing like yuri?
[02:35] <misa_misa> Yes. I think.
[02:35] <misa_misa> If not we'll give it to Yukari.
[02:35] <SUPAAFOO'> ....
[02:35] <misa_misa> What?
[02:36] <SUPAAFOO'> seriously?
[02:36] <SUPAAFOO'> you can't have yukarin sing like yuri
[02:36] <misa_misa> And you can't rap like motsu.
[02:36] <SUPAAFOO'> then let's karaoke it
[02:36] <SUPAAFOO'> i'll prove it to you
[02:37] <misa_misa> Loser's paying?
[02:37] <SUPAAFOO'> naaaaaah, urata.
[02:37] <misa_misa> You really should stop abusing him.
[02:37] <SUPAAFOO'> but it's fun!
[02:37] *** kakko1 [shinjiro@ip9014.avexnet.or.jp] has joined #crackattack
[02:37] <misa_misa> That's not nice.
[02:38] <misa_misa> Hi, Shin~
[02:38] <SUPAAFOO'> wazzup, shin my homie?
[02:38] <kakko1> hi
[02:38] <misa_misa> ...
[02:38] <kakko1> wat r u 2 talkin about?
[02:38] <SUPAAFOO'> juz stuff, foo, stuffz
[02:38] <SUPAAFOO'> you dig what im sayin, pimpmasta?
[02:39] <kakko1> yea, loud n clear, gangstaman
[02:39] <misa_misa> OMG SHIN I HATE YOU
[02:39] *** misa_misa [misako@ip9012.avexnet.or.jp] has left #crackattack (DAMMIT, SHIN!)
[02:39] <kakko1> .....
[02:39] <SUPAAFOO'> .....................
[02:39] <kakko1> wat was dat about?
[02:39] <SUPAAFOO'> beatz me
[02:39] *** Disconnected
[02:39] *** Sun Feb 04 2007 - LOGGING END ***
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"(DAMMIT, SHIN!)" Hehehehehe...
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